Love, Lust or Bust

A guide to romance & travel for those with insatiable wanderlust!

Love Lust or Bust

A guide to romance & travel for those with insatiable wanderlust!

Travel Tips

Are you missing your partner, wishing you lived closer? Do you wish you had more romance in your relationship and need to take a vacation together? Perhaps you're a single traveler seeking excitement! Check out our travel tips and advice!


Want to take a Jetsetting Journey on a Backpacker Budget?


Travel tips, cruises, romantic getaways & advice on keeping long distance love alive, from couples who have been there, & special secrets for solo travelers seeking romance, passion & excitement.


Spicier stories, exotic trips & nude beaches for the thrill seeker seeking sexier, more titilating travel tips! For the good girl who wants to be just a little bad & the bad boy you can take home to mama.


Catfish confessions & dating advice to help you have a Plan B-just in case the millionaire model you're taking a trip to meet turns out to be a troll.

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The OMG I Wanna’ Be a Travel Blogger Spring Sale!

  When people ask me how the hell I’m able to travel around the world and have the most amazing career as a travel blogger, I smile because they usually have no idea how difficult it is.   They assume that I come from a wealthy family or that I have a rich sugar daddy. read more

Why Bloggers Should Join a Coworking Space

  I love working from home. I don’t have to get up early, I don’t have to get dressed, hell, I don’t even have to shower. But these are the exact things I dislike about working at home, too!   I used to get up at 5:00 am every day. In the beginning, I hated read more

3 Things You MUST Do NOW if You Want to Be a Travel Blogger

Do you love to travel? If your dream job is to travel around the world and get paid, well, congratulations. You’ve just joined millions of people on this planet who wish they could join the ranks of people like Nomadic Matt, Adventurous Kate, Gloria Atanmo, Gary Arndt, and a handful of other inspiring bloggers who make you read more

Bloggers Behaving Badly

  Are you a travel blogger looking to network with other bloggers? Do you wish you could learn how to become a blogger and travel around the world but don’t know where to begin? Join Bloggers Behaving Badly and meet other bloggers. We have a (free) monthly meetup event where you can discuss potential guest post read more

When Friends Hookup With Married Partners

I like to think I’m open-minded. That I’m non-judgmental and don’t care what other people do with their lives, but lately I’ve been struggling to keep my feelings in check when I see my friends hooking up with married partners.   This has not happened just once or twice. In the past few months, I’ve had read more

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Solo Travel

Whether you want to meet plenty of fish across the ocean, find your soul mate while on safari, or you're just looking for a little romance & adventure, check out our tips for staying safe while having fun.

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Catfish Confessions

Are you planning a trip to meet someone in person for the first time? Read true stories about bizarre "catfish confessions" and have a Plan B just in case

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