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Who Am I?

Hi! My name is April. I love romance and I love travel.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity to visit and live all over the world. During my travels, I met hundreds of couples who fell in love and were exploring the planet together. I, too, have dated (and for several years, was married to) a man I met abroad.

Today, with the huge explosion of online dating sites you no longer have to hope that you might meet someone at your local coffee shop; your soulmate can be anywhere in the world!

 But this site isn’t only about my journey to find love; it’s a place where singles and people in relationships can share their stories about romance and travel, long-distance love, solo traveler safety tips, travel hacking, budget tips and tricks, and “catfish” confessions where people share their embarrassing yet often hilarious experiences with online dating disasters.

If you're seeking more passion and romance and you're filled with wanderlust, join us!

Latest Posts

The Strangest, Weirdest, Sexiest Foods in the World

Half the fun of traveling is trying new foods. If you want to add a little spice to your relationship (both in the kitchen and in the bedroom) try some new dishes together. Trying weird, strange, crazy meals just might bring you closer since some foods are said to be...

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London AND Paris; $500?!

A trip to London AND Paris for $500, including flights, accommodations, and food? Seriously. People usually tell me they wish they could travel to some of the amazing places I go to but they insist they can't afford it. I insist that they can. At least, you can if you...

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Cougar Confessions; Lessons Learned From a Female Lech

I have never liked the label "Cougar". I despise the term. It is not a compliment for a mature woman of a certain age to be compared to a jungle animal. And yet, I am here today to share with you my "Cougar Confessions". I'm embarrassed to admit that I may have, ahem,...

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Popular Posts

Nasty, Vulgar, Dirty Bars

I secretly love bars with nasty, vulgar, dirty names. Perhaps it's because I'm always trying to be the "good girl"; not swearing like a sailor (at least, not in front of my mother), not dancing on tables at clubs (anymore), not dating twins (although if I WAS guilty,...

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Kinky Accommodations?!

There are plenty of romantic hotels you can visit if you're looking for that kind of ambiance, and cheap motels for something a little...dirtier. But what if you're looking for something in between, something...different? If you're far away from home and you know...

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The World’s Best Sex Museums

  If you're an adventurous traveler with a kinky alter ego, skip the Metropolitan and the long lines at the Louvre and do some real exploring at the sexiest museums around the globe. The world is full of giant penises sculpted more lovingly than Michaelangelo's...

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Top 10 “Nolo” (No or Low) Budget Travel Tips

  Google "budget travel tips" and you'll get plenty of articles to choose from. But the word "budget" is relative. I remember reading Lonely Planet and Budget Travel as a child and realizing that my family was poor because our definition of "budget travel" was...

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Weekend Warrior; 7 Tips for Mini Trips

Weekend Warrior While I was a student I spent several semesters abroad. I lived in Egypt, India, and Jamaica, and traveled to other countries in between. Once I graduated, I found myself traveling much less, even though my income had increased. I had many excuses;...

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Foreign Flings; Staying Safe While Hooking Up

Virtually every online travel site, magazine, and guidebook offers tips on travel safety for solo female travelers. Wear a wedding ring. Carry a picture of your "husband". Wear a hijab to cover your head in Muslim countries and don't look Arab men in the eyes. Don't...

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