Do you love to travel?

If your dream job is to travel around the world and get paid, well, congratulations. You’ve just joined millions of people on this planet who wish they could join the ranks of people like Nomadic Matt, Adventurous Kate, Gloria Atanmo, Gary Arndt, and a handful of other inspiring bloggers who make you want to sell all your possessions and buy a one-way ticket to anywhere.


But it’s not that simple.


Travel blogging can be a fun hobby, but only those who work their asses off (oftentimes for years without seeing any benefits and certainly no avalanche of “free” press trips in the beginning,) investing plenty of time and money while competing with literally millions of other wannabees.


But if you’ve got the passion and desire that it takes to actually do travel blogging full-time, there are three things you need to do right now that will be game changers and put you ahead of the competition.



  1. Join Bloggers Behaving Badly.

    This group has members who are experienced bloggers who jet set around the world constantly and know the secrets of what it takes to earn a living as a travel blogger as well as novice bloggers who are eager to do guest blog posts and collaboration projects, which will enable you to share info, resources, and content, as well as to grow your audience. Share followers and tips and tricks in order to advance from being a novice to becoming an “expert” in your niche. You will be invited to monthly meetups, events, and travel writing workshops where you can meet and network with other bloggers. The best part; it’s all free! Join now.

  1. Register for NY TravelFest, NOW.

    Today only, you can use the code FLASH50 for 50% off tickets!! This event is mandatory whether you’re simply a travel lover or an aspiring blogger. The seminars/ events/ workshops at this annual festival will teach you how to stop dreaming and get off your ass and actually go someplace! But not only can you learn tricks and tips about how to afford short and long-term travel, you can attend travel writing workshops, meet potential sponsors, and hang out and get drunk with other travel industry professionals who are living the dream. Get your ass to this event, or keep wishing as you sit at your boring desk in your boring office with a boss you hate. *Bonus tip; the adorable and brilliant budget backpacker guru, Nomadic Matt will be speaking at this year’s TraveFest!

  1. Join Travel Blog Success.

    You can do what I did; spend hours and hours googling (mostly) sucky blog posts on “How to Become a Travel Blogger” by people who have 10 email subscribers, and keeping your pennies to save up for your next trip. Or, you can invest in your future by signing up for this extensive, in-depth course for people who are serious about blogging full-time. You won’t just find absolutely everything you need to make it in this near-impossible to succeed industry; you’ll have access to the private facebook group where your mentors and co-members will be people like the bloggers mentioned above.

    I’m normally pretty damn frugal and save every cent I can toward travel.

    But this is the one time I wish I’d spent my hard-earned money on something other than my next flight years ago rather than waiting so long! If I’d known just how much signing up for this course and group would change everything for me, I would have traded my trips to places like Egypt, India, or Jamaica in an instant. Seriously. Click here for more reasons you should join TBS immediately. Or, you can just keep reading about my travels too sexy, sunny beaches in St. Maarten, St. John, and Cancun, my adventures at a Nigerian juju (voodoo) market, my job as a casting director in a Bollywood film in Bombay, or buying a camel whip from a Bedouin gypsy couple who used it in S&M scenes in their home in the Sinai desert. Just sayin’. What are you waiting for?!



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