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Love Lust or Bust- Who We Are

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What exactly is Love Lust or Bust?

Love Lust or Bust is a global movement to connect people who love to travel and are seeking, or have found love, bringing together lovers, adventurers, ex-patriots, bloggers and travel insiders and experts.

Love Lust or Bust- Mission

Love Lust or Bust is a global community founded on three simple principles – to help those who are seeking or who have found love, to be free to all those seeking travel tips and relationship advice,  and to connect and share our true stories.

Love Lust or Bust stories and articles educate, inform and entertain, but our mission is to have a platform for travel industry insiders who believe that love conquers all, even when the ultimate challenge is to create and maintain a lasting, loving relationship across thousands of miles.

Why We’re Here

With the recent huge increase in online relationships, many people are in long distance relationships now more than ever before. Whether you and your partner are separated due to the military or an overseas job, you’re students away at college, or, you have family or business ties that keep you from being able to be with the one you love full time, it can be done.

Love Lust or Bust is a place where you can  share stories of adventure, love and passion. The site is filled with travel tips, advice on maintaining long distance relationships, great date ideas, and wedding traditions and cultures around the world.

We also share stories by those who have been “catfished” or scammed by online posers, fakes and predators. Our priority is to give readers the tools to protect themselves and to be prepared for unexpected outcomes. Being armed with suggestions on how to avoid being tricked can save lots of time; precious time better utilized for planning a trip that will light (or reignite) the explosive fire between you and your partner.

Our Founder- April Hope



April Hope led the NYC Women’s Writing Workshop for over 15 years. When not inspiring (cajoling) women to share their secrets, insisting that surely she isn’t the only one who once sang karaoke naked at a nudist resort in order to be given a free press trip.  She writes about fleeing the frigid New York winters to explore places that have not yet been spoiled by her or other travel bloggers blabbing how great they are.
She enjoys sneaking into First Class after paying one penny for flights. Except that one time when she bragged about it to her seatmate who turned out to be an off duty pilot. (Awkward.) She has slept under the stars at a Bedouin gypsy camp in Egypt where the scent of camel dung mingled with marijuana.  And, she scored a camel whip by a devout Muslim who admitted that he and his wife actually used it for S&M scenes. She bull***ted her way into a job on a Bollywood film as a casting director by convincing the director that she was the most qualified person for the position, (and assured him that yes, she was best friends with Michael Jackson) which required her to hire 200 men to play British soldiers. But coincidentally, Mikey had just changed his number. And she lived in a cave with a secret rastafarian commune on a mountain in Kingston. But that didn’t last long when she found out that there would be no jerk chicken or oxtail. She was thrilled  however, to learn that rasta women don’t shave their legs and that the men prefer natural gals…until they realized that she’s got so hairy her legs had dreadlocks.



She’s gotten into trouble in many other countries as well, but you can read about those on