I’ve been coming to Dean Cafe Bar (951 Dean Street, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY) since it opened a few weeks ago. I love it here, mostly because this secret new spot is one of the few places in my hood that hipsters haven’t f*ed up for me yet.

We have a few beer gardens in Crown Heights (Berg’n, Franklin Park), and a shit load of bars and coffee shops that come and go, but most have become whitewashed and, well…boring.

Dean Cafe Bar is different. At least, I’m crossing my fingers that it stays this way. Sarah and Tony are two bartenders here that are cool as hell, and Sarah, (an amazing singer) may be performing here, which would pack this place.



It will be a challenge for anyone opening up yet ANOTHER coffee shop/ bar in this hood, but Dean has several things going for it. One customer put it perfectly when he came in and exclaimed (after seeing the long rows of picnic tables), “Hey, this is just like Berg’n…only not so white!”



This hot new spot has been attracting a diverse crowd, unlike many of the hipster spots in the area. So far this cafe by day/ bar by night has gotten a few regulars already, perhaps due to the more inclusive, cool vibe, or maybe because of the ambiance and funky decor. My opinion; it’s because of the fine ass customers AND staff. This place is sexy, period.



The place is perfect for a first date with a few romantic nooks, outdoor seating, and antique furniture, (including a few velvet love seats), and there’s a vintage Yamaha hanging from the wall, and I love the rare poster of Marylin Monroe lifting weights like a badass.



Dean also has a secret downstairs space that will be held for special parties and events, including a travel writing workshop (tba soon). I think the key to Dean’s success might be that there appears to have been a few new people (Zsa Zsa and co.) brought on board by the owner to run the place. Zsa Zsa’s got a few good ideas and a whole lotta’ passion, so let’s see if Dean can survive, (unlike several other Crown Heights businesses that lasted about as long as the relationships formed at Franklin Park). Anyway, I’ll keep coming for the eye candy, which is distracting but quite enjoyable when you’re a writer/procrastinator.

Do you have a favorite bar/ cafe for a first date? Write in the comments below!