About Love Lust or Bust

“What the heck is Love Lust or Bust? Sounds like a porno site to me!”

I’ve heard that more than once from people who ask what I do, and although I’d love to get as many clicks as some of the more scandalous sites on the web, this is almost, but not quite as exciting. You won’t find any nekkid photos of me, nor will you see any of the vast amount of (unrequested, unappreciated) dick pics I’ve received over the years through the online world of love.

My name is April Hope. I love travel, and I love romance. Romantic comedies, chick lit (Bridgett Jones is my hero), and stories about couples who fall in love online get me high. Falling in love and traveling around the world are the number one things on most people’s bucket lists! I even love watching shows like MTV’s Catfish where people finally get to meet their online lovers, usually with shocking results when they find out who they’ve actually been sexting with for months (and years)!

So no; no nude photos (except that one with me hugging an enormous, gigantic, huge penis in Amsterdam)!

What you will find are stories from me (and my friends) who have found love while globe-trotting, gone on trips with partners, maintained long distance relationships, and navigated the crazy territory of romance and travel.

We share advice and tips on how to meet an online lover while having a Plan B, staying safe, and keeping the flames going when your partner lives thousands of miles away.

Whether a couple has managed to stay together without killing each other after a 3-week road trip, a solo traveler has hopped on a flight to meet the person they’ve never met but believed they’re finally meeting their potential soul mate who turned out to be a “catfish” who tricked them, or someone struggling with Trump’s ban which resulted in them not being able to be with their fiance, on Love Lust or Bust we open our hearts and share our most secret, heart wrenching, and sometimes heartbreaking stories or romance, dating, love, and passion while giving you tips on how to do it on a budget.

We want you to be able to find, and keep your love alive, whether that means you have to get to the other side of the world to do it, or you simply take a weekend road trip to ignite the flames. And we want to hear your stories, too.

We’re really glad you’ve joined us on Love, Lust or Bust, and we wish you the best in your search for romance!

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Happy travels!