Don’t ask me to choose between using my savings for taking a trip or to pay for an online class.

Travel will win every time.

In fact, I took quite a few trips since the first time I ever heard about the Travel Blog Success online course. But my dream of becoming a blogger stayed in exactly the same place for several years; in the back of my mind, right next to that fantasy of winning the NY Lottery, and wishful thinking that Boris Kodjoe was going to hit me up on POF one day under an anonymous profile so he could find a “real woman” to hook up with.

Sure, I kept crossing off countries on my bucket list, but the item on top of that list, “To Become a Travel Blogger” seemed as impossible a dream as losing 100 pounds by summer.

I kept telling myself that you can’t learn to be a blogger; either you had writing skills or you didn’t, and anything you wanted to know about blogging you could just Google, right?


Finally, I broke down and paid for the course, and it was the best decision I ever made.

I could write a huge list of reasons why becoming a TBS member is a must, no, mandatory, for anyone who wants to become a professional travel blogger, (or for bloggers who already have a blog to take their site to the next level), like having access to amazing, in-depth lessons on creating, maintaining and perfecting a kick-ass travel blog, lessons on technical tips and resources, creating content (including video, audio and photography), and learning which marketing, promoting and social media strategies really work.

I could also tell you the real secret sauce of TBS; that you’ll have access to the private Facebook group and become part of an elite group where you’ll meet “mentors” and some of the most successful well-known bloggers in the travel industry.

You’ll also get access to webinars, interviews, and discounts for other courses and resources that will save you tons of cash, as well as job and press opportunities, and answers to your questions by a supportive community of bloggers who have been there.

But why don’t you check it out for yourself and see how you can finally go from being a hobby blogger to getting paid to live your dream as a digital nomad? There’s a money back guarantee so what have you got to lose?

Trust me, this will be the most important investment you could ever make if you’re serious about making your dream of becoming a blogger a reality.

I still haven’t won the lottery, but I am traveling around the world like a jet setter, still hoping that one day I will accidentally be seated next to Boris on a long flight to a romantic, secluded island.