The BBB Travel Writing Workshop

Thursday, May 4 6:30-8:30 pm

Ayaso Concepts Store

6 Boulevard Zerktouni, 40000 Marrakesh, Morocco

About the Workshop

In this workshop, you will get priceless insider knowledge you can use whether you’re looking to pursue a career in travel writing, earn extra cash with your personal travel blog, or simply plan your next vacation with the budget travel tips from a travel pro.

We will explore and flex our creative muscles which will enable us to express ourselves and create. You will learn what it takes to develop compelling, engaging, thrilling travel stories and posts that will grip your reader. The best work from among the participants will get published on our blog.

After completing workshops, participants have written for major publications, launched their own blogs, or continued to write in their journals. Others have simply enjoyed trying something new and finally took their dream trips. At the end of the session, there will be an opportunity to learn about how to get your writing published.

Whether you’re hoping to write about a transformative experience for yourself, begin a memoir, or learn how to begin a blog as a personal hobby or a professional career, this workshop will inspire and motivate you to start your journey (and to put it on paper) and stop procrastinating.

Come with a notepad, pen, and desire to learn.
During this workshop we will:

Share our travel experiences through four writing prompts
Learn basic tools to overcome writer’s block
Learn the difference between travel blogging and travel writing
Provide and receive feedback from other participants
Discover what’s blocking us and tap into our innate ability to express ourselves

About the facilitator

April Hope has led the NYC Women’s Writing Workshop for more than 15 years and has facilitated workshops internationally. She is a writing teacher and an inspirational public speaker and specializes in guiding people to express themselves fully through writing.

She currently runs the Bloggers Behaving Badly monthly meetup and offers travel writing workshops around the world.

Her fun, unexpected writing prompts and exercises help even the most experienced writers break through blocks and get the creative juices flowing.

Her workshops have been held in partnership with Barnard College, The LBGT Center in NYC, Black Rose, The Eulenspiegal Society, and CUNY, and many other community centers and colleges around the world.

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